HUB Cycling's Bike the night
A collaboration project between a group of students from VFS with the NPO HUB Cycling. The intent was to create pieces to advertise HUB's upcoming event, Bike the Night, which happens every year in downtown Vancouver. The deliverables defined and created by the team were social media banners, videos and printable posters and flyers. In this project, I was responsible for project managing the other students and being the QA analyzer of the pieces produced, so they would be of the quality needed to be used for the client.
As a result, HUB utilized pieces from the social media banners on their social media accounts, such as Instagram and Facebook.
Andre Kisner - Motion Graphics Designer, Project Manager, QA Analyzer
Nihat Ince - Art Director
Sabina Jaramillo - Motion graphics Designer, illustrator
Fanny Merinda - Motion graphics Designer, illustrator
Ilya Gubkin - Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Sound Designer
Davidson R.B. - Motion Graphics Designer
Icey Jiang - Graphic Designer
Motion, Branding
Date: 2018